Natural Stone Product Information

For full installation instructions and further product information always refer to the manufacturer. This sheet is designed as an overall guide to natural stone and will not cover any product specific information.

Why buy Natural Stone?

  • Few paving products can match the quality, feel and beautiful appearance of natural stone.
  • Natural stone is one of the most durable paving products available on the market and typically frost resistant.
  • Being a creation of nature no two pieces are the same, making your project truly unique.

What to think about prior to purchase

  • You will find most of our natural stone products are available to view in our display areas or in supplier brochures. It is recommended that actual samples of paving are viewed prior to purchase. Whilst looking at products in brochures can be very useful, due to varying light conditions and printing limitations it is not always possible to show the true colours of products in a photograph.
  • However, please remember that even actual samples viewed are just a guide. The beauty of natural stone is that you don’t know exactly what you will get, and your patio will be truly unique. If this is not your preference, it is suggested that you look at concrete or porcelain alternatives as these products usually have greater colour consistency.
  • In your calculations allow a small tolerance for breakages. Most natural stone is imported by shipping container from Asia and therefore a few broken slabs are inevitable. Please also allow a small tolerance for unsuitable slabs as natural stone products may contain minor imperfections. Depending on the shape of your area you may also need to allow a tolerance for cuts. Overall with the various tolerances to be accounted for ordering an extra 10% is usually recommended.
  • Although not many paving products will age as well as natural stone, it may develop added marking, deposits or patches as mineral context oxidises.

What to do when your natural stone paving arrives

  • It is vital that the paving is inspected prior to being laid. In laying natural paving it is deemed that it has been looked at in that process and that the colour is acceptable. Dry laying the patio first is highly recommended. If the colour is not suitable or as expected please report this immediately, allowing adequate time for replacement slabs to arrive.
  • It is also recommended to lightly spray the paving with water before laying – the colours, when wet, can be vastly different to when dry.
  • If multiple packs have been purchased it is vital that the packs are mixed on site. It is recommended that you order enough paving to cover the entire area in the first instance as the colour tones from pack to pack will vary.
  • Natural stone should always be laid on a full mortar bed – for full laying instructions please refer to the relevant manufacturer.

Sealing and Jointing

  • We offer many different products that will give your natural stone patio the perfect finish. Always test these products on an inconspicuous area or offcut first.

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