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Wood and Floor Treatment with Liberon

Wood care and treatments are a key factor when using wooden materials, and whether it’s putting the finishing touches to your newly-laid garden decking, or just looking to polish an antique chair you found in the attic, it needs to be done. So, here’s a few pointers and ideas to get you going.

With product ranges in decking oils, finishing oils, all the way through to damage repair waxes, Liberon cover all bases within wood care projects. They’re a brand we work closely with, and one that we’re proud to stock, and much like Fairalls, they’ve been in operation for over 100 years! Having said that, their products are innovative, up-to-date and always top quality, and perfect for both the skilled specialist, or a domestic user.


Decking and Exterior Timber.

Decking is often a key part of a property, and the central piece of a garden area. But to keep decking looking and feeling better, for as long as possible, you’ll need a deep penetrating product that prevents water damage or even UV damage.

We recommend Decking Oil Available 2lt or 5lt, which is designed to protect the wood all year round and to also enhance the natural beauty of the timber. It’s highly water-resistant and is a great product to keep new wood fresh, but also perfect for reviving and restoring colour of weathered decking. Please note, this product is also suitable for fences, and sheds as it protects a variety of woods.

Alongside decking, timber can be found in many other places outside, such as garden furniture for example. For exterior furniture protection, The Liberon Garden Furniture Oil, ultimately does what it says on the tin, which is seal, nourish and protect new and old exterior wood. In addition, because furniture is often a centre piece of a garden, it needs to look appealing, and this product is a valuable tool to enhance the natural colour of the wood.

Flooring and Interior Woodwork.

What’s great about Liberon as a company and as a product range, is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. They understand that every floor/woodwork is as unique as the building it’s housed in, and that each product has different uses, which allows you as a user to get exactly what you want out of it. With that in mind, there are a lot of options for floor protection products, but what we recommend as the ‘go-to’ choice for wooden floors, is the Professional Hard Wax Oil. This is a natural oil and wax-based formula that delivers a high-quality finish to interior flooring and furniture. It provides resistance to water, stains and dirt, and is microporous providing a durable, even colouring and smooth surface to all wood types.

Don’t Forget..

With all wood care projects of this kind it’s important to have the necessary preparation in place as a first step. This includes, making sure that you’re picking the right products, which can be a case of double checking with a specialist in store or product descriptions; but also ensuring you have the required equipment. Whether this is as simple as getting the right brush, or the correct protective clothing if this is deemed necessary.