Types of Joist Hangers

What is a Joist Hanger?

A joist hanger is a metal connector that attaches one piece of building material to another. Joist hangers come in many styles, with options for smaller lightweight jobs to framing in industrial or commercial buildings. In general, joist hangers are designed for timber-to-timber, timber-to-steel, or timber-to-masonry connections. Deck joist hangers usually affix joists to ledger boards and beams, shoring up these connections to ensure they can combat the elements, big gatherings, and years of use. Joist hangers are required by code when building a deck in many parts of the country.

Different Types of Joist Hangers

To choose the right type of joist hanger for your job, it's essential to understand your options. To decide on the hanger you need, consider: 

  • The materials you’re building with
  • How strong connections need to be given local weather and expected loads
  • Building codes
  • Difficulty of installation
  • If you need joist hanger sets specifically designed to support joints at an angle


There are many types of joist hangers on the market. To choose which one to use, you’ll need to consider their pros, cons, and what they’re used for. Here are six of the most common and most useful joist hangers: