About Tiling Accessories

Tiling accessories are essential tools for any tiling job, whether you are a professional tiler or a DIY enthusiast. They can help you achieve a perfect finish and make the tiling process easier and more efficient. Our range of tiling accessories includes tile spacers, tile cutters, tile adhesive spreaders, grout spreaders, trowels, and much more.

Tile spacers are used to ensure that tiles are evenly spaced, giving a professional and uniform finish. Tile cutters are used to cut tiles to the required size and shape, and are available in both manual and electric versions. Tile adhesive spreaders and grout spreaders help to ensure an even distribution of adhesive or grout, while trowels are used to apply adhesive to the tile and the wall or floor.

We also stock a range of other tiling accessories such as tile trim, edging strips, and sealants. These are used to finish off the edges of tiles, giving a neat and tidy appearance, and to seal the tiles to prevent moisture and dirt from getting underneath. Whatever your tiling needs, our range of tiling accessories has got you covered.

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