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Key Cutting at Fairalls

Our High Street Godstone Branch (RH9 8LW) offers cheap Key Cutting service with most keys being completed in a matter of minutes. 

Don’t forget, this branch is open 7 days a week, so come in-store when you can and we’ll be able to help. If you do have any questions or wish to know more about our key cutting service please contact the branch directly on 01883 571003.

We offer cuts on:

Household Keys – Chubb Keys – Window Keys – Car Keys – Patio Door Keys – Filing Cabinet Keys – Office Keys – Caravan Keys – Garage Keys – Padlock Keys – Barrel Keys – & many more.

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Fairalls’ Guide to Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a modern phenomenon, which has grown significantly in the last couple of decades as a developmental product from Astro turfs used for sporting purposes. It’s now a common gardening material whether on small scale front gardens, or large open spaces.

The use of artificial grass has many benefits, like the obvious lack of maintenance and aesthetic appreciation that comes with it. But, there’s also much more to it than that; for example it’s perfect for children, and pets. It’s design, alongside correct laying allows for fast drainage, and is also ideal for shaded or damaged areas where grass doesn’t grow.

At Fairalls we are a stockist and work closely with and more info can be found on their website.

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Wood and Floor Treatment with Liberon

Wood care and treatments are a key factor when using wooden materials, and whether it’s putting the finishing touches to your newly-laid garden decking, or just looking to polish an antique chair you found in the attic, it needs to be done. So, here’s a few pointers and ideas to get you going.

With product ranges in decking oils, finishing oils, all the way through to damage repair waxes, Liberon cover all bases within wood care projects. They’re a brand we work closely with, and one that we’re proud to stock, and much like Fairalls, they’ve been in operation for over 100 years! Having said that, their products are innovative, up-to-date and always top quality, and perfect for both the skilled specialist, or a domestic user.

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Fairalls’ Guide to Underground Drainage

Often an unsung hero in construction, underground drainage is an integral part of any property, and prevents damage on so many levels. With Fairalls bringing in huge trade discounts on our Underground range from Hunter Plastics, we thought we’d delve deeper into the types of underground drainage, put together a checklist when installing an effective system, and look over the general benefits of using plastic in underground construction.  Continue reading Fairalls’ Guide to Underground Drainage

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Brick Types and Their Uses: ‘What Brick To Pick’

Brick laying and manufacturing is an historic industry in the UK, and a big part of what we do at Fairalls. We’re proud to have been manufacturing and distributing bricks for over 100 years. Yet this is still an industry that is being modernised and updated today. This article will give you an insight into the types of bricks available, their purposes, and both their benefits and weaknesses. We’ll also look at the origins of bricks themselves, along with some fun facts to remember for your next pub quiz!

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Fencing: A How To Guide – Choosing the Perfect Fence for your Home

Within any property, the outdoor areas are a dynamic and defining feature that makes your house feel homely. Fencing is an important part of this and choosing the right fence is essential to many homeowners, as it gives structure, charm and character to the garden.

The following article is an insight into what makes the perfect fencing for your home, and a ‘how to’ guide when deciding what to choose, alongside a step by step guide on how to put it up.

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